Hot selling power bank
Hot selling power bank Hot selling power bank

Hot selling power bank


Now more and more people love the Pokemon Go which is the most popular free-to-play, location-based augmented reality game, they cross the buildings, streets, parks even the countries to find the pokemon, but do you think about that if your mobile phone is power off when you almost catch the pokemon, how bad feeling is? Now the pokemon power bank is launched, this is a new power bank for the pokemon Go fans, image that the shining pokemon power bank run with you like your pet when you are crossing in the dark night to find the pokemon, how cool it is.

Battery type: Li ion battery 
Capacity: 11000mAh
Life cycle: 
 500 times
Input voltage/current: 5V 1A 
Output voltage/current: 5V 1A ; 5V 2.1A
Dimension: 83*83mm 
Net weight: 204g 
Available color:Red

Security protection: OVP, OCP, OLP, ODP, SCP

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